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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Class Summary for Jan 6, 2019

Summarized by :  Sunil Jyothi

We watched a video by Swami Chinmayananda on a simple but effective message around Thoughts and Consciousness. 
Gist of video: A thought cannot be without an object. In deep sleep there are no thoughts and so no objects. When you become conscious of an object, it becomes a thought.
So Thought = Object + consciousness
Therefore Thought - Object = Consciousness 

Mani Sir reminded us to think about responding on the following: 
1. Name a person who is practicing karma yoga in today's life &
( 2. State a situation where you could have or did practice karma yoga at work OR
  3. State a situation where you could have or did practice karma yoga at home)

What can I do to practice Karma Yoga?
  1. Think well: Think before you ink. Make it a habit
  2. Have pure motives: Have positive attitude behind every thought/action. Remember the values from Self Unfoldment of Satyam, non Harming and Brahmacharya
  3. Be Duty bound - Think about your duties as a father, as a spouse, at work, etc
  4. Give your best - You are the best judge of your best. Self measure and adjust
  5. Forgo 'attachment' to results - Plan, have goals and execute. Dont get bogged down by results. Swamiji had said "Separate out praise from manager from best result". Get satisfaction from achieving the best result than waiting for your boss's feedback and being disappointed when you dont get it.
  6. Serve all - What are you doing for the greater society above and beyond your duty? Do without any attachments. Karna didnt want his left hand to know what his right hand was giving.
  7. Be Disciplined - Only when you are disciplined can you execute to a set rhythm and achieve your goals.
Another way to look at this:
1. Becoming aware - Many a times, we are not conscious/aware of our thoughts, words, actions and surroundings. Be aware.
2. Observing reactions - Observe your own reactions and reactions of others. This will help you adjust your communication when you become aware of other's reactions. You might be inadvertently reminding people of things that they want to forget and watching their reactions can help prevent that.
3. Developing immunity - Develop immunity from praise / criticism. This is not about being insensitive / impersonal. This is more for you.
4. Managing emotional expression - During celebration or during grieving
5. Letting go of obsessions - coffee, tea, alcohol, smoking, etc

Benefits of Karma Yoga
1. Purifies your heart- Sukshma Shariram - over this life and prior
2. Makes negative feelings such as ego, hatred, jealousy disappear
3. Will inculcate good qualities like love, humility and tolerance. When negative feelings goes away, these will surface and fill up that space. Definition of Ego from chapter 1: Attachment to pseudo self. The Mahabharatha character for this is Bhishma who identified himself more with Hastinapur and could not clearly identify the wrong side. When Ego becomes smaller and smaller and then associates with pure self, it is the right ego.
4. This path will make you look at life in a more broader and liberal manner
5. Helps forgo selfishness
6. Make you sacrifice oriented and feel one with everybody. Develop empathy and sympathy
7. Make you aware of yourself and feel bliss
8. Will develop your inner spiritual strength and power

A few of us talked about the exercise that Mani sir had given as the class started and we concluded with prayers.