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Non participants of the study group may not clearly understand the subjective aspects of the post, and could be confused. Hence, it is recommend that non-participants do not refer to this BLOG, and instead attend the study group first.
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Friday, April 5, 2019

Class Summary for Mar 24 2019

Summarized by :  Indrajeet Harer

We started the class with the usual routine of Anulom - Vilom & prayers. We then had a group discussion about the ways to improve the experience of Adult study group so that more people can see the value in joining the spiritual journey.
Some of the ideas floated were :
  1. Conduct sessions to target specific human challenges like stress management etc.
  2. Have a lemon booth in the parking lot to attract the audience that never enter Chinmaya premises & hand them fliers.
  3. Chinmaya hand book to be enhanced to provide more information on the adult study group such as audience, topic covered, what you will get of it etc. similar to the courses offered by IT companies. This will help the new comers to choose the right course.
  4. Chinmaya mission should have a standard procedure for conducting adult study groups. Some of the participants shared bad experiences in other sessions they has attended in the past.
Everyone agreed that currently Chinmaya mission does not do enough to guide/retain the new entrants and we are short on qualified moderators. The Adult study group sessions offered will be re-structured after discussions with Swami Shantanandaji.

We then summarized the shlokas 69 to 72
Karma yoga - cleans the mind.
Bhakti yoga - helps declutter the mind
Gyana yoga - Helps REALIZE

Analogy of travel packing was discussed to drive the point home. Finding the bag and cleaning it is Karma yoga. Collecting what you need is Bhakti Yoga and packing the stuff you need and making it travel ready is Gyana yoga.

We then discussed the mental tiredness of white collar employees who feel tired without doing considerable physical work during the day. We can conserve mental energy by maintaining the meditative state.
We also had a brief discussion about the book "What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School" . It describes Corporations as one huge ego walking around with couple of arms and legs sticking out. Most of the higher level execs are fired because of lack of interpersonal skills. When a new CEO joins an organization, he often brings in his own army of loyal execs. Ego, inflexibility and lack of interpersonal skills are the reasons why people cant adjust to the changes happening at the work place. Be such that you can fit into any pack. Don’t just suppress Ego… Let it Go !
If you suppress the ego, it will eventually find a way to express itself. We need emotions to process information and make decisions.

The class was then divided into 4 groups and the following topics were assigned to each group for presenting their views in the next class :
  1. Gyana yoga is the way to go
  2. Who is Stith Pragnya ?
  3. Argue that Bhakti yoga is the most superior
  4. Karma yoga is the way to go

We were also told to analyze our own nature and see which of the following category we fall belong to :
Type D : Not Happy with what we have and don’t want to do anything
about it
Type C : Not Happy with what we have but are willing to put in effort
to change it.
Type B : Happy with what we have and don’t want to change anything.

Type A : Happy with what we have and are willing to put effort to
change/improve further.